Membership of Christians Together for Chesterfield does not impute any particular doctrine or expression of the Christian faith. By its very nature, the Forum represents a range of differing viewpoints and might be said to reflect a unity in diversity.

No member is under any obligation to agree with the beliefs or endorse the activities of others. However it is hoped that, through dialogue with one another around the commonly shared belief in Christ, we can, "Do more, do it together, and do it in word and deed".

The following churches and groups are affiliated with Christians Together for Chesterfield (this list is not exhaustive and will be updated from time to time):
  • Central Methodist Church
  • Central Pentecostal Church
  • Chesterfield Street Pastors Initiative
  • Christian Education Council
  • Churches Action on Social Work
  • Cross Street Baptist Church
  • Gateway Fellowship
  • Gospel Mission
  • Grace Chapel
  • Hasland Methodist Church
  • Holmebrook Valley Church
  • Holy Trinity and Christ Church
  • Loundsley Green Methodist Church
  • New Life Church Chesterfield
  • New Testament Church of God
  • Orthodox Community of St Cuthbert
  • Redeemer King
  • Rose Hill United Reformed Church
  • Salvation Army
  • Samaritan's Purse
  • St Andrew's United Reformed Church
  • St Barnabus & St Bartholomew
  • St Hugh's Newbold
  • St John's Walton
  • St Mary and All Saints
  • St Mark's Brampton
  • St Thomas' Brampton
  • Storrs Road Methodist Church
  • The Annunciation Church
  • Whittington New Life Church
  • Zion Pentecostal Church

All are welcome to attend the Forum meetings, dates of which will be provided. Members are asked to make a small annual contribution to assist with administration costs.