Founded in early 2009, Christians Together for Chesterfield was born out of the nationwide HOPE 2008 initiative. Following the success of sharing together, the forging of new friendships and restoring of old ones, Christians from churches in Chesterfield determined to seize the momentum and continue in co-operation with each other.

Christians Together for Chesterfield is an inter-denominational forum which gathers regularly to support and encourage Christian endeavours across the district. In addition to fostering relationships between churches through joint occasions of worship and prayer, Christians Together actively promotes information sharing and dialogue amongst Christian believers, so as to harness the full potential of the Church working together.

The endeavour to "Do More, Do it Together, Do it in Word and Deed" is reflected in the kinds of activities Christians Together has supported; including the establishing of the Chesterfield Street Pastors working in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council and Derbyshire Police Authority, amongst a number of other co-operative ventures.

In this way Christians Together is more than simply a talk shop for like minded church goers. That said, the lessons we have learnt in sharing faith and ideas together have been invaluable; and the fostering of dialogue between churches a necessary and very worthwhile step on the journey to working more closely together. For more information please read the Constitution or Contact Us.