Friday, 15 January 2021


 Happy Safe New Year! 

We all hope, surely, for a better year in 2021, but the pandemic challenge is still with us as I write. I have lately read two short novels set in Chesterfield in the period just after the ‘pestilence’ and when the famous Spire was being constructed – perhaps with unseasoned wood and by inexperienced carpenters – author Chris Nickson. We should count ourselves lucky in our day, that vaccines have come or are coming. Is it foolhardy to hope for an end to our own ‘pestilence’ and then national and local wake/celebrations by the summer? 

To this end, I have spoken with the football ground people about a possible rally there for all and sundry – something they were already thinking about.... 

The ministers – yes 2 of them – at Central Meths have asked us to think and write constructively about the future. Shall we simply take up where we left off last March? We have been learning to operate in a more ‘hybrid way’ thanks to Zoom, Slack and Teams, with their pros and cons. And may have become more sensitive to the needs of those ‘left behind’ by such technology?

 There is a mountain to climb in working out how we can play a bigger part in caring for people with ‘mental health issues’ – given that a lot of people do not share our faith presuppositions. Can we help people altruistically? I trust we can and should. 

‘Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow’, we read in Hebrews. But we his followers have to be adapters as well as constants. Can we get the mix right? 

Yours in Christ, 

Paul King, 

Chair of CTfC