Thursday, 28 January 2021


 Caring for Creation Lent Groups 2021 

Christians Together for Chesterfield are fairly accustomed to Lent groups. Sadly last year’s had to be curtailed, finishing untidily… 

How about this year? Ash Wednesday is February 17th, so the weeks of Lent begin on Feb 22, March 1,8,15 and 22, with Palm Sunday March 28th. Covid19 makes physical gatherings unlikely/impossible, but York Courses are providing a course in 2 formats, a printed booklet and a downloadable alternative. It is called ‘Caring for Creation’, and the first-named contributor is Dr Ruth Valerio, who founded A ROCHA and is now working for TEARFUND. 

I am ordering tomorrow some of the printed version and will order a downloadable copy for my own education (perhaps to be sampled at our CTfC Forum on 7:30pm Tuesday Jan 26th ). I am commending the very title ‘Caring for Creation’ with its 5 weeks entitled: (1) The Environment, (2) Global warming and Climate Change, (3) The Age of Humans, (4) Coming out of Denial and facing Crisis. (5) Faith, Hope and Love. 

This will fit well with the work of Chesterfield Climate Alliance, which is working in partnership with the Borough Council’s Climate Officer, Will Rolls. Also help us to prepare (probably remotely) for COP26 in Glasgow November 1-12, now with willing American participation. 

Current house group leaders Chris Warren, Will Nightingale and Paul Timperley say the plan appeals to them (even if York courses do not always appeal). Our house groups have commonly attracted participation from Cross St Baptists, Central Methodists, The Spire c of e, the Ragged School and Roman Catholic. Everyone is welcome! 

I do commend the titles of the weeks for personal reading. And a poster outside Central Methodist Church will say ‘CARING for CREATION’ In Lent and Round the Year. Comments and questions welcome