Thursday, 28 January 2021



Happy New Year!

Will 2021 be the year when you walk 25k to celebrate 25 years of CAP? To mark a quarter of a century seeing people set free from debt and poverty, we’re inviting you to take on a challenge of your choosing. Whether you’re an ambler, a power walker, a jogger or a stroll-and-take-in-the-scenery type, will you go the extra mile for our clients this year?

Find an Ultra Challenge event near you and sign up to raise money and break people free from poverty. Why not get your friends and family involved, too, and take on an Ultra Challenge together? Sign up to one of the UK’s first COVID-secure group events today and show poverty who’s boss!

Take the challenge

Find out more about Ultra Challenge and how you can get involved. And if you’re already putting on your walking shoes and checking your diary, here are some upcoming events you can sign up to right now:

Easter Challenge Windsor: 10 April

Cotswold Way Challenge: 26-27 June

Peak District Challenge: 3-4 July

Yorkshire Challenge: 17-18 July

South Coast Challenge: 4-5 September

Do something fun and memorable in 2021, and together we can make this a year that celebrates freedom and hope!


 Caring for Creation Lent Groups 2021 

Christians Together for Chesterfield are fairly accustomed to Lent groups. Sadly last year’s had to be curtailed, finishing untidily… 

How about this year? Ash Wednesday is February 17th, so the weeks of Lent begin on Feb 22, March 1,8,15 and 22, with Palm Sunday March 28th. Covid19 makes physical gatherings unlikely/impossible, but York Courses are providing a course in 2 formats, a printed booklet and a downloadable alternative. It is called ‘Caring for Creation’, and the first-named contributor is Dr Ruth Valerio, who founded A ROCHA and is now working for TEARFUND. 

I am ordering tomorrow some of the printed version and will order a downloadable copy for my own education (perhaps to be sampled at our CTfC Forum on 7:30pm Tuesday Jan 26th ). I am commending the very title ‘Caring for Creation’ with its 5 weeks entitled: (1) The Environment, (2) Global warming and Climate Change, (3) The Age of Humans, (4) Coming out of Denial and facing Crisis. (5) Faith, Hope and Love. 

This will fit well with the work of Chesterfield Climate Alliance, which is working in partnership with the Borough Council’s Climate Officer, Will Rolls. Also help us to prepare (probably remotely) for COP26 in Glasgow November 1-12, now with willing American participation. 

Current house group leaders Chris Warren, Will Nightingale and Paul Timperley say the plan appeals to them (even if York courses do not always appeal). Our house groups have commonly attracted participation from Cross St Baptists, Central Methodists, The Spire c of e, the Ragged School and Roman Catholic. Everyone is welcome! 

I do commend the titles of the weeks for personal reading. And a poster outside Central Methodist Church will say ‘CARING for CREATION’ In Lent and Round the Year. Comments and questions welcome

Friday, 15 January 2021


 STREET/SCHOOL PASTORS VIDEO available for Church Zoom Services! 

Although we are currently limited in our operation, please distribute and show our attached NEW Video in your services/meetings. 

God Bless. 

Jacky Kendrew - Coordinator 

Use this YouTube link.


Chesterfield Foodbank are seeing increasing numbers of people needing their services. Many new people in need are contacting the agencies that refer them to our foodbank, five locations are now in operation covering Monday to Friday. 

If you’d like to support Chesterfield Foodbank this autumn, please get in touch with us on 07984 589456 or to get involved and request resources for your collection.

 If parishioners would find it easier to donate money at this time then our bank details are: 

Account name: Chesterfield Foodbank. 

Sort code: 089299 

Acc Number: 65672431. 


Pat Evans - Project Coordinator


Pathways for the Homeless has been operating throughout the pandemic helping those without a roof over their heads with food, accommodation, clothing, toiletries, benefits advice, etc. Unfortunately they have to close the building to clients in the lockdown period, servicing their clients by phone (mobiles provided) and on outreach delivering their needs on the street or accommodation. The government funding to the local authorities has been received for the Winter and accommodation for those affected in the absence of a Nightshelter this year has been provided near Matlock. 

Pathways are always in need of financial donations and can be found at: Tel: 01246 498204


 Looking forward to a January opening for Hope House. 

It will be for 14 males homeless or at risk of homelessness. A community (dry) house for independent living where guests can share meals and stay before moving on with their lives. Rev Sally Anne Beacham will be chaplain. 

Fund raising continues for regular paid staff and running costs. Trustees welcome all offers of support, financial or practical, and invite those interested in the project to contact the charity by e-mail: or by calling (07307) 201718.


 The CTfC Forum meeting to be held on 

Tuesday 26th January 7:00pm.

 A Zoom Invitation will be sent out nearer the time.


An opportunity to study together.... 

The York Lent course 'Caring for Creation', which has Ruth Valerio, previously leader of A Rocha as a main contributor. We propose to order 40 copies (20 each of the printed and the digital download versions) initially of the course, obviously having to be used in Zoom meetings. 

Each week will have one of the following titles:

1. The Environment, 

2. Global Warming and Climate Change, 

3 The Age of Humans, 

4 Coming out of Denial and Facing Crisis, 

5 Faith, Hope and Love. 

For further information https:// 

A Zoom Invitation will be sent out nearer the time.


 Dear Fairtraders 

Thank you for your support during these difficult and challenging times. I am attaching our up to date stock list for food and household items. I am sure you can appreciate that this is a difficult time for all small businesses, including ours. 

We would be very grateful for your support and so would the producers of the products we stock. 

Please go to for the full range of products that we are happy to order for you should you require them. If you are able to put our details into your church notices and mailings we would really appreciate that too as this time is traditionally a quiet time for us but we do need your custom in order to continue doing what we do. 

If you have networks of people please pass our details on so that the message of Fair Trade can be spread more widely. We can arrange home delivery or collection at a mutually convenient day/ time. Please contact us via this email address or 01246 566257 or 07817573283. We REALLY DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO CONTINUE TO HELP THOSE PRODUCERS WHO DEPEND ON YOUR CUSTOM for their livelihoods. 

Thank you in advance. 

With every good wish for the New Year 

Alison and Graham Wells

01246 566257. 07817 573283


 Happy Safe New Year! 

We all hope, surely, for a better year in 2021, but the pandemic challenge is still with us as I write. I have lately read two short novels set in Chesterfield in the period just after the ‘pestilence’ and when the famous Spire was being constructed – perhaps with unseasoned wood and by inexperienced carpenters – author Chris Nickson. We should count ourselves lucky in our day, that vaccines have come or are coming. Is it foolhardy to hope for an end to our own ‘pestilence’ and then national and local wake/celebrations by the summer? 

To this end, I have spoken with the football ground people about a possible rally there for all and sundry – something they were already thinking about.... 

The ministers – yes 2 of them – at Central Meths have asked us to think and write constructively about the future. Shall we simply take up where we left off last March? We have been learning to operate in a more ‘hybrid way’ thanks to Zoom, Slack and Teams, with their pros and cons. And may have become more sensitive to the needs of those ‘left behind’ by such technology?

 There is a mountain to climb in working out how we can play a bigger part in caring for people with ‘mental health issues’ – given that a lot of people do not share our faith presuppositions. Can we help people altruistically? I trust we can and should. 

‘Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow’, we read in Hebrews. But we his followers have to be adapters as well as constants. Can we get the mix right? 

Yours in Christ, 

Paul King, 

Chair of CTfC