Thursday, 20 August 2020


 Hi Everyone,

Today's breaking news is that it is not going to be possible to restart our Sunday gatherings at the Winding Wheel on Sept 6th as we had hoped. We have been in discussion with them for weeks and they are keen to welcome us back as soon as possible. But, as a council run premises they must be sure everything is in place and approved to keep both staff and visitors safe. It is clear that this process is going to take longer than we all thought.

We also realise that we need to do our part and put systems in place to keep everyone safe. We will need a crack team of ninja stewards to keep us all in line!  
When we are able to restart it will be very important that we honour each other by respecting social distancing, wearing masks and frequent use of sanitiser etc. Not exactly the kind of fellowship we are used to is it?

In the meantime, let's keep up the good work that you have all been doing. Phone calls, garden visits, cards, encouraging messages on Facebook. Be creative, to find ways of meeting and encouraging one another in safe environments. Just been thinking how much the apostle Paul did to build the church through prayer and his letters whilst a prisoner.

Be encouraged, we love you all and we are eagerly looking forward to the day when we can meet together as one church again. God bless you.


Friday, 14 August 2020


 Event Information 

Catch up on New Wine Festival On-line. 

Church In The Peak Festival 18-20th AUGUST 9:30-11:00 

There will be music, games, crafts, competitions, prizes. There will also be singing, worship, Bible stories and some going-deeper Bible studies with Barry Killick. Join us on Facebook on 18th August, or register below for more details. The Facebook event can be found at:


Everyone, in churches or not, are awaiting the latest government guidance about what we should or should not do. Like Armageddon of old? 

The Spire and Annunciation churches are both managing to function for some services. The Spire is open during day time as usual. Well done! But most 'places of worship' are unwilling or unable to 'congregate'. Somehow we are managing, and hopefully caring for those who can't or won't join up through the magic of Zoom. (other makes are available) We face the challenge of 'doing the Lord's business' nonetheless and of discerning how that 'business' is changing and will change. 

Have you filled in the questionnaire we sent a month ago? That would help us to know, for instance, whether to pursue the possibility of some special funding from AllChurches and Cinnamon Trusts. What seems sure is that 'helping agencies' of one sort and another, are very busy. 

I rang Victim Support on behalf of one needy family, where a young man was mugged. And there was the tragic story in the Derbyshire Times of a 40 years old Dad suddenly dying when minding the children, with mum out at work in a Care Home.... 'Jesus wept'. And so do we sometimes, through what we have and have not done, and what we can and cannot do.

 In Christ 

Paul King - Chair