Monday, 20 July 2020


Hello everybody, 

Thank you to those who joined our AGM Forum on June 1st.     God bless you all, especially in the present circumstances. Hopefully you will have received information and a questionnaire (Word & PDF), pertaining to how your churches/organisations respond to people suffering from mental health issues. If this information can be returned by the beginning of August it would be much appreciated. 

This month we see the retirement of the Rev. Julie Minns and her husband Richard. We think of Julie, apart from her Methodist Circuit duties, taking quite a role in the Good Friday Walk of Witness, in the Whit Walk and the various Songs of Praise, especially when there were vacancies in other congregations. The town and the circuit are very grateful to Richard for his sterling work, especially at Pathways and in the Nightshelter Management group, he helped much in the beginning and then throughout the two winters the nightshelter has functioned. 

 I must pass on some words that I stumbled across when googling as recommended by John Naughton in the Observer.: 

‘Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud’ 

 Paul King - Chair