Monday, 11 May 2020


Zoom, Stream & Virtual!

Hello everybody,

Ian Birchmore and I have had quite a chat this afternoon. He encouraged me greatly by telling me
how some of the Nightshelter Guests are in accommodation,- some in a tenancy, others in B&B (with rent paid by public funds). CAB is apparently still open, while many other offices are closed. Pathways suffered damage, and are working from home. The Foodbanks are functioning, albeit differently. Gussie’s kitchen is part of the volunteer network taking food and groceries out. I know (because I live in Walton) that Walton St Johns and Walton Evangelical have jointly been offering shopping and other friendship in the Walton area. All good!

We know that a number of churches are managing to Zoom or Stream or whatever, so that ‘life is going on’. One of the Lent housegroups kept meeting via Zoom. But we could hear more good stories, with a view to letting more people know what is often worth knowing about. What is your church doing? do tell the story

When I last wrote, I touched on the fact that we are due an AGM Forum on June 1st.   If it is a correct rumour that churches may be among the last activities to be ‘unlocked’, since we do often bring quite a number of people together, it may be that we can meet on June 1st only by Zoom?   Please respond to tell us whether we should try to do that – or not.   Other bodies, like Synods and Church Councils, are managing to function this way (and I was part of a 30-strong national meeting last week, which gave me, as a by-product, sight and sound of an old friend in together Working for Chesterfield May 2020 Support Information Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other. None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Colossians 3:17 The Message Scotland). Please guide us on this within this month, because big preparations will be called for. 

 My challenge last time was to think in terms of visiting new households (and I have started work on this with Rev Daniel Cooke at Brimington). Can we also get stuck in to greater effect with Mental Health, which has become more important lately, and address more obviously that in the present crisis, poorer people and ethnic minorities have had a harder time. God bless you all, especially in the present circumstances.

Paul King - Chair CTFC

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