Monday, 27 April 2020


Happy Eastertide!? An Encyclical from Chairman Paul.

As I write, Boris is back at work tomorrow.  But lots of other things and people are not back. Like us, in the churches, still locked down.  How are we faring?  Lots of Easter joy?
Few, if any, of us followed the example of Pastor Audrey (on Radio 4’s Sunday programme); she has  defied the U.S. government (believing in a higher authority) and stayed open.  For our part, whether or not we are altogether happy with other actions of the government, complying seemed wise – if perhaps a bit late,  - so we shut down our buildings and much social activity.   
We have complied and are making the best of a bad job. Many will have been busy being neighbourly, whether to actual neighbours, relatives or to fellow churchgoers. Some of us have re-invented spring-cleaning and have smarter gardens than for some years past.  Some serious reading has been done.  Zoom has not known such activity ever before, and some churches have ‘streamed’ services and meetings with varying levels of success.  We will do better next time, having learned about the possibilities in the ‘new media’.
A pessimistic colleague wonders if some churches, now closed for the duration, will ever open again, whether because of finance or loss of commitment.  Donations from varied tenants may have dried up, jeopardising the future.
Ecumenical togetherness has been a real victim, with the loss of this year’s housegroups, the Good Friday Walk of Witness and the time honoured Whit Walk.  Christian Aid Week is going to be different.  The new ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ period from Ascension to Pentecost was getting established but might not ‘take off’ this year as hoped.   The planned CTFC Forum on June 1st looks in doubt, but we shall see.  It would be good to get together if it is possible.  More Zoom, anyone?
That reminds me; Christian Aid was devised to address the poverty and hardship on continental Europe at the end of the war. Oxfam had blazed an even more remarkable start in 1942, of all times. May it be that we are called, in this ‘sabbatical’  year to blaze a new trail, implementing, for example, (1) the much-postponed visitation of newly-occupied properties, (2) maximising, with the Borough’s working party, our input to the Climate Change emergency and (3) tackling more completely the unsolved domestic conflict, mental health issues and homelessness need in our town? 
Plenty of food for thought and action, as soon as possible.   Can ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ be more than  the name of a ten-day period?
Paul King  - Chair of Christians Together for Chesterfield

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