Thursday, 26 March 2020


We hope that we find you, your church/organisation and it's members are safe and well.
There was a noticeable uptake on video services going on across town last Sunday in most churches as well as nationally.

Message from The chair Rev Paul King

Some Christians at different times have had to learn to function almost privately. We are having to do something similar at present, but now with the aid of technology.  Thank goodness for face book, for streamings, for the good old telephone, and, as I am learning, for ZOOM.  But a lot of people do not have these modern aids, so let us be as thoughtful and caring as we can be in old-fashioned ways.   And well done, Walton St John’s, together with Walton Evangelical church, for making a door to door offer of practical help to us lucky people in their parish. I cannot be sure that we can make a similar offer for the whole town from Christians Together, and there’s hoping there is not going to be a ‘next time’.
And prayers penetrate walls and lock-downs…
Paul K.

Due to the shut down of organisations and people being socially isolated there are a list of closures/cancellations;
The Good Friday Walk across town has been cancelled.
As well as the 170th Walk of Witness on Bank Holiday Monday
Cliff Festival is cancelled along with Spring Harvest and possibly other festivals.
The Jonathan Veira evening has been postponed to 31st October, all ticket holders have been informed.
The Chesterfield Churches Nightshelter reluctantly closed Tuesday on official instruction of people meeting in one place, plus volunteers being not able to continue working. Please pray for Pathways and the local councils to find shelter for those still homeless.
Pathways Big Bake and Sleepout are not happening this week.
The Chesterfield Foodbank is continuing with two venues: The Compass (Tuesday) and Loundsley Green (Friday) with pre packed (yesterday in the warehouse) provisions being handed out to voucher holding requirements.
Pray for our Soup Kitchens who have been stretched and closing due to restrictions.
Both Pathways and Foodbank are in need of monetary and food donations, please see their Web and Facebook sites.
Street Pastors had to abandon their patrol last Saturday and along with School Pastors are temporarily standing down.
Hopefully Lent Courses have continued either in person or via computer links.
Please pass any information you wish to share for the next newsletter for distribution.

1 Cor: 13vs 13. And now these three remain: Faith, Hope & Love.

Quote Gideon Heugh
Not even death can defeat love.
So all the sorrow and the loneliness, all of the anger and bitterness and confusion and brokenness will be outflanked, outdone, outmatched and overcome by love."
God bless
Ian Birchmore - Secretary of CTfC
Christians Together for Chesterfield