Wednesday, 26 February 2020



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 Launch Night – a success !

Launch Night was well attended and there was a real buzz in the air as members of a wide variety of churches anticipated what a successful act of witness this will be.

As ever, the whole idea is to show something of Jesus’ love for all . For this 170th Anniversary the team has decided to convey some of the major moments during our Lord’s time on earth . We hope for twelve tableaux or more to convey a short, visual account of Jesus’ life on earth ( see below ).

The power to spread our message widely will be helped by those who are attending as our guests. The High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Tony Walker, with his wife as his consort, The Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield, The Roman Catholic Bishop Ralph from the Hallamshire Diocese, The Anglican, Archdeacon Carol representing the Derby Diocese and  Methodist Chair of District  Gill Newton. We look forward to hearing from representatives for The Baptist Union and The United Reformed Church Synod

In order to reach a wider audience still, it is pleasing to report a positive reaction from the local media who seem only too pleased to give coverage to Procession 170. The Derbyshire Times will cover The Procession as usual, ‘Reflections’ will run an 800 word article prior to the Procession in its May edition and ‘Derbyshire Life’ are considering doing likewise. In addition more localised magazines, such as S40, Twist and Wings, are to be approached to include articles.

As for the BBC,  Radio Sheffield will interview the new CE:C President – The Ragged School’s David Botham – and the ‘Songs of Praise’ team are considering whether they can fit The Procession into their schedule.

Do pray for Procession 170 . It is our hope to convey the life & love of Christ  to those who see and hear our Procession of Witness  whether it is by being in town on Spring Bank Holiday Monday    (May 25th ) or through the press and social media. Remember, start time is 9.45am in front of Chesterfield Town Hall.


 This year the tableaux will portray the life of Christ from  birth  to  resurrection.  Please select a title from the list and let us know which you have chosen as soon as possible ( e-mail address above) . Choices will be on a first come first served basis. Four have already been chosen).

1) The Nativity ( Central Methodist); 2)  Mary and Joseph find Jesus in the temple 3) John baptizes Jesus in the River Jordan; 4) Jesus calls His first disciples (Rose Hill URC); 5) The Sermon on the Mount; 6) ‘Feeding the 5,000’ ( Holy Trinity/Christ Church ); 7) Mothers bring their children to Jesus; ( Church of the Annunciation)  8) Palm Sunday; 9) The Last Supper; 10) The Crucifixion; 11) The Empty Tomb 12) Christ appears to His disciples ( New Life Church ).


We shall open our brief Act of Worship at the Town Hall with the hymn ‘Joy to the World’, which reminds us of the joy open to all because of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem .  At the end of the Procession we shall gather in front of the Town Hall and our final hymn will be  ‘Thine Be The Glory’ .

Other songs to be sung at the Town Hall were chosen by a vote at the Launch Night:  ‘ Bless the Lord O My Soul (10,000 Reasons) ‘ , ‘Crown Him with many crowns’ and ‘Lord I lift your name on high’.

There will of course be music as the Procession winds itself around town. The Carlton Brass and The Ashover Brass Band will be taking part & we are hoping that some churches will be equipped to take amplified music with them en route. Let us know if you can do this. E-mail address above.