Wednesday, 14 August 2019


Dear Ladies,

At South Normanton Community Church, we have been planning a number of events which enable us to cross over into the community. As I am sure you would agree, we want to see people in our local areas come to the understanding of who God is, and the depth of His love for each of us shown through Jesus who crossed over from heaven to earth. 

On Saturday 28th September, we are holding a special event for women, and teenage girls - beingYOU, which will be held at the Post Mill Centre in South Normanton, from 10:30am - 3pm. 

The morning will comprise of a number of inspirational women sitting on a panel, all of whom are Christian, sharing their life experiences, and how God has helped them be successful. So far, these include:

1. Kelle Bryan - she was one of the singers in the 90's girl band, Eternal, and enjoyed huge success with the band. She also suffers from lupus, and will of her faith throughout her journey.
2. Nicky Morgan - she has just been promoted within the Government by Boris Johnson, to Culture Secretary. But as MP for Loughborough, she will be sharing her experiences of being a woman in a male-dominated environment.
3. Cheryl Stollery - she was on holiday with her husband in Tunisia, enjoying the sun on the beach, when suddenly an armed terrorist attacked and shot at them. She survived, but her husband was killed. She now goes into schools to share her story, and inspire people to love.  

More women are being considered to join the panel, and will be confirmed as soon as we have approached them, as this is largely dependent on ticket sales. 

In the afternoon, we are looking at separating teens into their own session, where they will be encouraged to not settle for a version of themselves, as determined by the world, but to understand who they really are, and what God has planned for their future. Too many young girls don't have any real aspirations for their lives. Having been at an event recently, where young women were drunk to the point of not knowing who they were speaking with, or what was happening around them, Steph Gutmann who is hosting beingYOU, is more determined than ever to remind girls there's more to life than this. For this reason, beingYOU is free for 13-17 year olds. 

We are also hoping to have a number of stalls where people can access important information about finances, as well as guidance on feeling good, such as hair and makeup advice. 

We have created a booklet which should provide you with more information, but if you would like to speak to one of the team, or have someone come and share about beingYOU with you, please 
contact -

Blessings and many thanks

Lesley Turner ( a leader at SNCC)