Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Procession of Witness 2019 
Jesus the Servant King

Look above and there are no prizes for guessing the colours for this year’s ‘Whit Walks’ or to be more correct Procession of Witness: yellow, white, orange and perhaps a dash of red thrown in for good measure. So search those wardrobes and drawers and get your outfit ready for Procession 2019 on Spring Bank Holiday : May 27th

It will be great to see the Whitsuntide colours in the crowds filling the space in front of Chesterfield Town Hall ready for the short opening service which begins at 9.45am.

 Once again we have to thank the Mayor and Chesterfield Borough Council for allowing us to have the freedom of the streets as we bear witness to our belief in Jesus Christ. Let us all, whatever our usual style of worship, come together to seize this opportunity to reach out to the people of Chesterfield and to visitors with a message of hope grounded in the love of Christ.

 ! Additional help is needed for the marshalls who have many jobs to do before the churches arrive in town, during the Procession around the route and afterwards clearing the front of the Town Hall . Please ask for volunteers from your church and contact John Tranter, Chief Marshall and a member of Whittington Moor Methodist Church as soon as possible by e-mailing:

Wednesday March 20th – 7.30pm Rose Hill URC. Please send representatives from your church – as many as you like - so that you get all the up to date information you need and also so that your church has a say in the planning stages. Above: Crowds gather in front of the Town Hall in readiness for The Procession to be led by The Mayor and The President of Christian Education: Chesterfield.

We all respond to visual images and the crowds on Bank Holiday Monday are no exception. Please have a go at producing a tableau . You don’t have to be a brilliant artist or to have a degree in product design as you will find out at the Launch Night (March 20th ) when experiences will be shared. It is good to have the tableau on a lorry or van but if your church can’t get one why not try a walking tableau as several churches have done in recent years. Again there will be people at the Launch Night who have done both and will offer advice.

This year’s theme gives maximum scope in terms of what you choose to portray. It could be a biblical scene showing Jesus as a teacher or healer or a modern day version showing the work that is done through the Holy Spirit in His name. The hope is that those watching will be made to stop, think and ponder about the ways in which Jesus, the ‘servant king’, shows us how to live.

Questions, suggestions, ideas etc. please e-mail: We should love to hear from you. There will be an update on preparations and a report from the Launch Night ( March 20th ) in the next newsletter in April. Please let us know what you are planning so that we can include your church in the programme.