Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Sometimes, after all the glitter and sparkle of Christmas, January can seem a little lackluster but not this year.  New Life Church have an explosion of joy and inspiration for you in the form of the Watoto African Children's Choir at the Winding Wheel on Tuesday 22nd January 7pm.

If you haven't ever seen the choir before then please give yourself a treat and come along. 
Every child in the choir is an orphan and some have had a really difficult start in life.  Through the work of Watoto they have found a fresh start and a new hope in Jesus and they are a delight to see as they dance and sing wholeheartedly.
Admission is FREE but you will have an opportunity to give to the ministry of Watoto in an offering taken during the concert.  There will also be CDs and merchandise from other related ministries to buy.
For more information contact New Life Church 01246 200768 or