Monday, 19 November 2018


You may know of us and know we're based at St Thomas' Church and have been feeding the homeless from our converted library bus since 2004.

We are in dire need of a replacement bus and are making an appeal to the Aviva Community Fund for money to achieve this. You may have seen the article on this in last week's Derbyshire times?

The choice of which charities to support is made by Aviva based on public vote, which ends this coming Tuesday, 20th November. I would like to appeal to all the congregations of all the churches in Chesterfield to support us.  I would be very grateful as it will be our last chance to increase our vote, to ensure our good work can continue

How to vote:

2) 'Register to vote'
3) 'Register now'

4) Search project titles and organisation - enter Church On The Bus

Another route is to go to, but it might direct you to a page to register first. They will only accept someone to vote once they have registered, which involves giving their name and email address. You then have 10 votes and you could use all 10 votes for us!

Many thanks,

Bob Littlewood
Church on the Bus