Thursday, 17 May 2018


Sunday 27th May 2018
New Life Church
10.30am The Winding Wheel,
Holywell Street, Chesterfield

Andrew Murray
                               Also at Cafe Church 
                                             6 - 7pm The Compass
                                                 West Bars, Chesterfield

"Andrew is a preacher and teacher of God’s Word who ministers with a fiery passion and prophetic anointing. He has a burning desire to lift up Jesus Christ and see Him save, heal and deliver.  In his meetings many people have been blessed and encouraged as he preaches a message of faith and hope. Hearts are stirred and challenged to seek God’s presence and give their all to Him.  Along with the preaching of the Gospel, Andrew’s ministry is often accompanied with healings and miracles and times of encountering the Holy Spirit."

If you have church commitments on Sunday morning please take the opportunity to come and hear Andrew at Cafe Church. Everyone welcome and bring a friend!