Thursday, 25 May 2017


I have received news that a memorial hour of prayer is planned at Old Brampton Parish church on Saturday 6-7pm.  We are grateful to Peter Green and the Parish there for this initiative.   Can I suggest that as many people going there as possible car-share, because parking near the church is limited? And the road is not very wide.

I would also suggest that we take this initiative as a trigger to do likewise in other churches as well.  This will be within the ten-day period of Thy Kingdom Come prayers.   The original motivation of the prayer period was evangelistic, I think.  Then the General Election was announced and gave the prayer period an additional content.  Now we have a third component – love and concern for Manchester and people who attended the concert and opportunity to express ourselves and our feelings at this time.

If another church sees fit to arrange  a period of prayer as I suggest, then I can make that known by this same method….  And let us remember our Moslem friends on Friday at their Juma prayers in both mosques.

Paul King