Wednesday, 21 December 2016


JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title Youth Worker – Bakewell Initial 12 month fixed term contract for 10 hours per week Accountability

The Youth Worker will be employed by the Peak Circuit and will be line managed by the Superintendent Minister.

Aim The role has two distinct areas of focus. The first is to carry out an assessment of youth activities in Bakewell, which is anticipated to take no longer than 3 months. The second is to provide recommendations based on the assessment. These will then form the priorities for the remainder of the year.

Main Responsibilities Working collaboratively with the Presbyter/s and members of the church, the Youth Worker’s responsibilities will be:  To carry out an assessment of youth activities in Bakewell both from a church and secular perspective  Implement agreed priorities with line manager and members of the church  Connect with the Seekers group and establish positive relationships  To build relationships with the families of the youth who attend our established activities.  To establish mutually beneficial links with existing organisations working with the youth in the town  Liaise ecumenically with the work carried out at the local Secondary School  To play a leading role in the encouragement of good practice and development of creative approaches in youth work  To ensure that the Church's Safeguarding policy and procedures are implemented in all work with young people  To build networks of those involved in youth Work in the town.  To keep accurate records of contacts and work undertaken  To attend, when appropriate meetings of the Church Councils and other Church teams as agreed with the line manager.  To appraise and review activities undertaken, and where necessary change the action and focus of work with the agreement of the Management Team.

 Management The Lay Employee will have a Management Team whose responsibilities will be to:  Become familiar with the work of the Lay Employee.  Work with the Lay Employee to encourage the church to respond to new challenges and opportunities in Mission.  Determine priorities of work.  Enable the employee to appraise and review existing activities, and change where necessary the action and focus of work.  Ensure good communications between ‘Stakeholders’ groups and networks involved.  Monitor and evaluate progress with the Lay Employee on a regular basis – meetings taking place quarterly.  Act as a ‘sounding board’ to the Lay Employee