Friday, 1 July 2016


Can you help Tools With a Mission (Chesterfield) find a new  base?

Tools With  Mission is a national Christian charity which collects unused and unwanted tools and recycles them for shipping overseas to Africa to enable people to earn a living.  Over two years ago a collection centre was set up in Chesterfield with the help of the 3rd Brampton Scout group. However, Tools with a Mission (Chesterfield)  have reached a point where they need to move on to the next stage. To do this more storage space is required and a base for  some recycling locally is required in Chesterfield. This month another van full of tools for recycling was sent off to the workshops at Coventry and Ipswich

Here in Chesterfield the local team are looking for space roughly at least the size of a double garage say about 50sq metres . Access to a power source would also help. If anyone has any ideas where we might be able to find such a location within the Chesterfield area please contact David Sanderson (01246 231115).