Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Valley CIDS have exciting plans for a new youth project at the Compass which is great news. Unfortunately it's not so good for the last remaining tenant living above the coffee shop as he will
have to move out by the end of June.

"Simon has been with us for a year now and has been a very good tenant and is a charming young christian man. He is an active member of the local Baptist church in Chesterfield and is presently trying to find new employment. He would love to find a flat to rent or be a lodger in the Chesterfield area.

As a landlord he has always paid his rent on time and helped us out on many occasions when we have needed help.  It would be amazing if there is someone in the Christian community that could help him from the end of June."

Rev Jonathan Brook
Director of Ethos Values & Mission
Valley CIDS

T : 01773 609603