Tuesday, 15 March 2016


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At Christian Vision for Men (CVM) we are working to introduce men to Jesus...
...and the church to men.

Church attendance stats in recent years have indicated that less and less men are coming along than ever before. However, we have also seen that when a husband/dad becomes a follower of Jesus, nearly every time the rest of the family follow.

CVM have resources, initiatives and events to help Christian men introduce their ‘not yet believing’ mates to Jesus.

One such event coming up near you, is our Quickfire ’16 training day so why not bring the men in your church and come and join us?
Quickfire ’16 will be informative, fun, relevant and, we believe, life changing.
Featuring short, sharp, timed 15min ‘TED’ style talks from different speakers on the subjects of male culture and men’s ministry, the content is created to inspire you in your walk with Jesus, share that journey with your mates with more confidence and tool you up to stand as men of God.

Saturday 16 April 2016
£25 (inc hog roast)
Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S42 6LG
More information here

Speakers & talks

Dave Hearn (U.S. Air Force/Global Adventure) - 'Building Dangerous Boys'
Traditionally boys were challenged by their fathers to learn what it means to be a man on a daily basis, but our current lifestyles means we are disconnecting with our sons at an alarming rate. How do we reconnect and call out our boys to a life of faith?

Jonathan Sherwin (Chaplain/Apologist) - 'Sharing the truth in love'
Going after the heart through the engagement of the mind.

Mark Chester (Who Let the Dads Out?) – 'What makes a dad a great dad'
Ever wish you were as cool as 007 - courageous, a risk-taker, a survivor and irresistible? You are; you're a dad!

Jason Royce (Souster Youth Trust, Director) – 'When prudishness passes for purity'
We totally miss the point of 'purity' if it all boils down to "don't have sex before you're married.

Justyn Rees-Larcombe (former gambling addict/author/speaker) - 'Secret habits and their dangers'
Is gambling morally wrong? Or.....

Mark Tate (Worship creative) - 'David the Giant slayer. David the worshiper'
David was a mans man, he slew a giant, fought off bears and lions - he knew how to take care of business. He also had his ups and downs in life. despite this, the Bible calls him a man after Gods heart. What can we learn from the giant slayer and his attitude towards worship?

Nathan Blackaby (CVM Exec. Director of Ministry) - 'Faith & Fear'
Stepping up and stepping out of our boats.

PLUS One more speaker to be announced
See website later this week for details.

Venue: Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S42 6LG
Price: £25 (inc hog roast)
Find more information and booking here

The CVM Team