Monday, 1 February 2016


‘Whit Walks’ : Secretary Needed for 2017.

Christian Education: Chesterfield needs a new secretary for its annual Procession of Witness . After holding the post for several years, I feel it is time to pass the baton to someone who will be able to lead the Procession through its next stage of development.  

It has been a wonderful privilege and a great joy to serve in this role but it is now time for a new face to bring fresh ideas and a greater vitality to the post.

Many changes have occurred over the last few years and not the least of these is the increased number of churches taking part. The in-coming Secretary will find so many of our churches eager to witness,  full of enthusiasm and remarkably imaginative in the way they convey the Word of the Lord. Believe me when I say that being Procession Secretary is not a burden…. it is a joy and I am sure the best is yet to be!

The new Secretary can be assured that he or she will have the support of an experienced and extremely ‘hands on’ Procession Committee. It is encouraging and rewarding to attend the four meetings or so that we have each year because there is no shortage of volunteers to take on the necessary jobs. These meetings are not just talking shops and those attending are ‘doers’.

Please pray about this and if you feel that it might be for you, please don’t delay. I should be happy to invite anyone interested to work with me on this year’s Procession to get to know the job. 

For more  information, please e-mail:

Chris Townsend  ( Procession Secretary )