Thursday, 8 October 2015


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October 2015

Dear Friends

Over two years ago a group of people from various churches in Chesterfield felt it was right to

start a Foodbank to see to the needs of local people with crisis in their lives. With the

recession still feeling its effects there are a lot of people finding themselves in positions of

having little or no food due to Sickness, Homelessness, Delayed Wages, Unemployment,

Benefit Delays, Low Income, etc.

Over the last two years we have fed over 4,000 individuals in the Chesterfield area through

our distribution centres in Brimington, Chesterfield Town Centre and Loundsley Green. These

people include men, women and children caught in a situation mostly not of their own

making. As a Hand Up NOT a Hand Out we decided to adopt the Trussel Trust method of

issuing vouchers through named government agencies and respected charities. Through

referrals and signposting these agencies we are able to help the person in crisis move out of

the situation to a position of non dependency. A limit of three visits with nutritional food

given for three days helps to keep the discipline plus avert misuse of the system.

Our national membership to Trussell Trust ensures figures are accurately recorded,

government is lobbied and kept informed as to the crisis needs around the country.

This month we moved over 9 tons of food into a new warehouse in Sheepbridge supplied by

the local authority. Our licence terms included spending nearly £6,000 on renovating and

making good the facilities for food storage. Much voluntary work from individuals and

organisations has been provided to keep our costs down.

As we have expanded to meet this need our expenses have grown and so far we have existed

on individuals, churches, local authority and other organisations giving financial help.

This coming year we shall see a shortfall of approximately £14,000 as the local authority is no

longer able to make further grants due to further cuts in their expenditure.

We would be grateful if your church could make a contribution to our ongoing running costs

for manager’s salary (3 days a week), heating, lighting and transport costs. Individuals who

wish to make their own monthly contribution can fill in and submit a direct debit which can

be gift aided to make any gift go further.

I thankyou in anticipation.

God bless

Ian Birchmore Project Manager