Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 Conversations under the Spire
All Saints’ Tide – November 2015

A series of talks at Choral Evensong, followed by refreshments,
questions and discussion, finishing around 9.00 p.m.

Saint Mary & All Saints, Chesterfield (The Crooked Spire)

6.30 p.m. Sundays 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd November


There is ample public parking in the vicinity of the church and hourly trains from and to most major centres (the church is five minutes’ walk from the station) Church postcode S40 1XJ
Email: contact@chesterfieldparishchurch.org.uk Telephone: 01246 206506

Richard Coles,   Steven Croft,  Sarah Rowland Jones, Andrew Nunn

Sunday 1st November Anglicans in the world, among other churches and other faiths
Revd Canon Dr Sarah Rowland Jones

Sarah has had a distinguished career in the diplomatic service, and since ordination has been among other things research adviser to the previous and current Archbishop of Cape Town. Sarah is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion’s Standing Commission that advises on matters of theology, doctrine and church order, and convenes its working group on relations with other churches. Sarah is currently the Vicar of the City of Cardiff.

Sunday 8th November Diversity – pleasure or pain? Anglicans in a diverse society

Very Revd Andrew Nunn

Andrew is the Dean of Southwark, where he is foremost in taking on issues of race, sexuality and other matters of diversity within the Church and its outreach.

Sunday 15th November The Reform and Renewal Process: The future of the Church of England

Right Revd Steven Croft

Bishop Steven is the Bishop of our neighbouring city, Sheffield. Bishop Steven was the first Team Leader of Fresh Expressions and also Archbishops’ Missioner. He is currently heavily involved in the present Archbishops’ Reform and Renewal initiative, upon which much of the future shape of the Church of England depends.

Sunday 22nd November Communicating Faith: the Image of the Church of England

Revd Richard Coles

Richard is the ex-Communard who celebrates this year his tenth year of ordination. He appears regularly on Radio 4 in his own programme as well as Pause for Thought on Radio 2. Other highlights of his media career include last year’s title of Celebrity Mastermind. Fathomless Riches, the first volume of his memoirs, is a bestseller. Richard is the Rector of Finedon in Northamptonshire.