Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Hi - You may remember that at the Procession of Witness 2015 Chris Townsend announced that he will be stepping down from his post as Procession Secretary.
As a result of this we are circulating the attached copy of the Job Description and asking if anyone in your Church or Organisation would be interested in joining the Team who organise this great event every year.
Chris has said he is willing to meet anyone who is interested to answer any questions they may have. He has also offered to work with them to help organise the 2016 Procession which gives the new Secretary time to get used to the organisation which is needed.
Chris Townsend can be contacted on 01246 278783 if anyone would like to discuss the matter further.
Many thanks for your help.

Mavis Plumtree
(Secretary - Christian Education: Chesterfield)

Procession of Witness Secretary
Job Description
Overview of the role
The Procession of Witness Secretary is responsible to the CE:C Executive for arranging the annual Procession of Witness in Chesterfield town centre on Spring Bank Holiday Monday .
The Secretary will work to achieve the aims of The Procession agreed by the Executive Committee.
The Secretary will automatically become an ex-officio member of the CE:C’s Executive, reporting regularly on the Procession’s progress and preparing and delivering a review of the previous year’s Procession to the CE:C Annual General Meeting

Specific responsibilities:
The Secretary will arrange, chair and oversee the Procession of Witness sub committee meetings which take place approximately once a month between Jan. and June.
The Secretary will liaise with Chesterfield Borough Council to seek permission for The Procession to take place, to apply for road closures , to gain use of Town Hall facilities for staging the Procession and to invite The Mayor and Consort to attend The Procession.
The Secretary will liaise with the churches who currently take part to encourage their continued participation and encourage increased participation by attracting additional churches to take part.
The Secretary will liaise with churches to encourage the use of tableaux and other visual methods to communicate the truth of the Gospel.
The Secretary will liaise with churches in the Brampton area whose Procession links with the main Procession in town.
The Secretary will oversee the organisation of safe policing of the The Procession
The Secretary will liaise with Derbyshire County Council over road-work and bus routes which might be affected by or affect the Procession route.
The Secretary will consult with the CE:C Treasurer on Procession expenditure . The Secretary will check with The Treasurer that a Street Collecting Licence has been applied for and granted by Chestefield Borough Council and that those involved in The Procession are insured.

The Secretary will liaise with Rose Hill URC over the use of the church for the Procession Launch Night , the refreshments on Spring Bank Holiday Monday and the counting of the collection after The Procession.

The Secretary will oversee contact with the bands involved in The Procession.

The Secretary will conduct a review of each year’s Procession taking into account feedback received.