Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Comings & Goings

Thank you to all those who joined us on Sunday 6 September to wish Ben Martin all the best in his new job and a very BIG thank you for helping to start up Chesterfield Foodbank from nothing to where we are today. Ben was presented with leaving presents and cards plus Tim, our chair, made him a special 57varieties cake so he doesn’t forget the pallets of beans that we have.
 Both Ben and the management team have seen a growth in Chesterfield feeding over 4,000 people in the last two years making it the largest in the county. A new move into our new warehouse and moving tons of food from the Tesco collection, read on…

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.Introducing our new Project Manager
The Management Team made the decision at the last meeting in August to appoint Ian Birchmore
as our new Project Manager to take us forward into the new year. Ian has been on the management team since its inception in 2012 when it was first discussed to start a foodbank. Ian became the team secretary producing the meeting minutes, writing and publishing the newsletter, promoting the foodbank as well as physically moving food about.

As our current funding only reaches till next March Ian is on a 6 month contract with a remit to help raise more funds as required.  Ian is married to Yvonne who is the Foodbank Coordinator for the
Loundsley Green distribution centre.  Please support Ian in any way you can, especially in promoting us and helping us raise the funds required to keep going and meet people’s needs.

'Summer Signposting

Ben ran a 'Summer Signposting' course back in July for the distribution managers to bring a much more specific, knowledgeable and confident signposting service into our centres.  As our agency base gets bigger so we need to be able to direct our clients to the correct ones so it continues to be more ‘A Hand Up – Not A Hand Out’ so that people who come will be more self supporting and less
dependent on others.

Thank you guys!

We surpassed our planned three days 3rd, 4th & 5th September in getting over 9 tons of food and
materials from the old warehouse in the centre of town to our new warehouse on the Sheepbridge Trading Estate. We managed with your help to transport all the food over in the first day (aches where never known before) and the next day we finished categorizing everything into the sell by dates from oldest to latest to make selection much easier. Without the people at both ends lifting/carrying, plus the many drivers transporting the goods, we would still be doing it today, a fantastic joint (still aching) team effort.

Special thanks go to John & Tracey who generously let us stay in the old premises for the last two years without a charge, God bless you both!  The new premises provide us with ground floor drive in facilities with the food laid out in rows of the various categories. There is room to expand,  there are built in offices that include a kitchen, separate toilets and further space to meet for training.
More thanks go to those who have given up their time to clean and decorate the premises making it inviting to those who will benefit from them. The kitchen would benefit from a microwave and under worktop fridge if you know of any going spare. Our dedicated warehouse team of Lisa, Terry led by Peter are already benefitting from the move.

Tesco National Food collection

On Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd Saturday 4th July, the Tesco collection went smoothly bringing in 3 more tons of food from very generous shoppers here in Chesterfield.  The December collection, 3
rd, 4th and 5th will again be organized nationally. That means here in Chesterfield volunteers will
again be required each day. We are asking for a minimum of an hour between 9:00am– 5:00pm to hand out leaflets and/or collect the donated food in from donors. If you know of friends and family who would like to help (no training required) please let us know which days and what time you can spare. Also help with the movement of food to the warehouse if you are fit!

The Gates
An increase in clients attending the foodbank due to further benefits cuts announced by the government.

The volunteers are continuing to bring food relief to people in the area with agencies responding to having a local place for their clients to visit.

Loundsley Green Community Centre
Our hard working volunteers continue to move the food boxes, tables, chairs around every week to serve our increasing number of clients.
Join the club!
Will you give a minimum of £5 a month to enable Chesterfield Foodbank?  We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. The continual stream of food coming into our warehouse is a humbling sight to behold. Unfortunately for a project like this to continue to support the most
vulnerable in our community financial support is now a pressing concern. Just £5 a month will support this greatly needed work and with many people around Chesterfield still geographically restricted, your donations may enable us to reach out into the unreached places.
Due to local authority cuts we now face raising a further £14,000 to continue our operations in 2016 alone, if you or others can come up with fundraising ideas please tell s so that we can publicise it.
A group of people have just raised money by running in the
Chesterfield Marathon. More news in our next issue, hopefully with pictures please?
If you are able to help then please contact Ian on 07984 589456 or

and he will arrange for direct debit information to be forwarded. Thank you!