Friday, 12 June 2015


For Summers here and the time is right...

Sad News! We’re still here into our third year and with the election now over it looks like
we will be needed even more providing emergency provision for Derbyshire people.  As time goes by some people tend to forget or try not to think that there is still the need out there, please remind them that we still exist and unfortunately growing with just as much need for food, money and help fulfilling our role. As Ben will be saying in his article we now need more than ever to raise increasing funds to deliver our service.

Is it really a year since the Summer Tesco Food collection…?

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Word from our Coordinator

Well it has certainly been a whirlwind couple of months! We are probably just weeks away from procuring a new warehouse on Sheepbridge which will provide much needed space for expansion. We are extraordinarily grateful both to have had the use of our current premises since November 2013 and to Derbyshire County Council with whom we are currently negotiating. The new premises
will come with some costs as we have been asked to carry out some works as part of an agreement; these costs are not insignificant but more about that later.

On May 13th I had the privilege to attend the Trussell Trust's National Network Conference. While it was exciting to meet both old and new faces, exchange best practice and become inspired there was a real sense of progression amongst the project managers there. Where does the Foodbank model move to? What needs are there in Chesterfield that we can address using our profile, contacts and local network?  In the coming months a couple of these things will start to become a little more firmed up but first, as a project, we need to listen. So I would like to appeal to all of you:
Do you see a hole in the net?  Have you encountered somebody who has a need and you've not known where to direct them?  Please get in touch with me and we will chat about it. This is an exciting time for Chesterfield and over the next 6 months or so more will be revealed. I am already in the process of writing our 'Summer Signposting' course, bringing a much more specific, knowledgeable and confident signposting service into our centres. Since the conference I have had some exciting conversations with project leaders from around the country and key movers and shakers within the County Council to see what we can be a catalyst for within not only Chesterfield but the county.

This brings us back to the warehouse appeal. As we start to cost up the works that need to happen there is an excitement around the property, a sense of development, growth and social change that has the potential to be grounded in a good, suitable space. If you would like to support this move prayerfully, financially or practically please contact us. I am so incredibly grateful for the support
this project has within our town, it shows that the work being done so selflessly by our teams of volunteers does not go unnoticed so please consider supporting both the immediate and continued
expansion, growth and social change that this move has the potential to be the catalyst for.

In Christ,



We will need some real lifting help over several days or weekends shifting the 10 and a half tonnes of food from one warehouse to the new site. If you know some people who can help us with this please let us know. After the main work is done, there will be lots of opportunity for volunteers to get to work cleaning and painting the warehouse offices.

Tesco National Food Collection

Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd Saturday 4th July the Tesco collection will be organized nationally. That means here in Chesterfield volunteers are required each day. We are asking for a minimum of an hour between 9:00am – 17:00pm to hand out leaflets and/or collect the donated food in from donors. If you know of friends and family who would like to help (no training required) please let us know which days and what time you can spare. Also the movement of food to the warehouse if you're fit.

Email or call Ben so he can complete the Rota.

Many thanks in anticipation. Tesco staff should be in attendance on the Thursday to help us.

The Gates

As some of you will know we are back up and running again after the pre Christmas fire and once

again starting to build up the provision.


The third food distribution centre has been running now for a few months and serving customers in that area. Quite a few agencies are starting to find us and bring their customers needs.

Loundsley Green Community Centre
Our hard working volunteers continue to heave the food boxes, tables, chairs around every week to serve our increasing number of clients.

Join the club!
Will you give £5 a month to enable Chesterfield Foodbank? We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. The continual stream of food coming into our warehouse is a humbling sight to behold. Unfortunately for a project like this to continue to support the most vulnerable in our community financial support is now a pressing concern. Just £5 a month will support this greatly needed work and with many people around Chesterfield still geographically restricted your donations will reach out into the unreached places. Here are just some of the ways in which your donations will help those most in need locally:
• Seeding 'Emergency Food Boxes' for those in remote, deprived areas such as Mastin Moor.

• Opening a fourth distribution centre to meet growing demand

• Ensuring donations continue to be collected, especially at peak times like Easter, Harvest and Christmas
Maintaining a high quality service for the most vulnerable in Chesterfield and making sure that their most urgent needs are met.

If you are able to help then please contact Ben on 07984 589456 or with your postal address for a '200 club' leaflet. Thank you!