Monday, 18 May 2015


Hasland Gala Weekend
Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th June 2015
Hasland Methodist Church
Rules of Competition 
1.    Competition is open to all ages.
2.    There are four age groups.
a)       Under 7.
b)      Age 7 to under 11.
c)       Age 11 to under 16.
d)      Age 16 and over. 
3.    There is no set theme.
4.    Photographs can be black and white or colour
5.    Entries to be mounted on card stating name, address and age group
6.    There will be a prize for the winner of each group.
7.    Entry forms to be handed in at Church by Monday 8th June.  Please post forms through the Church letter box; this is situated in the door on the left hand side of the Church car park on Hampton Street.  All exhibits should be handed in at Church on Friday 12th June from 2.45pm to 4pm so they can be displayed.
8.    Please complete the tear off portion below and hand it in with your entry.  Parents to complete for young entrants (age at parents’ discretion).
9.    All entries will be judged on Saturday 13th June, and will be available for viewing in Church on Saturday 13th from 2pm–5pm and 10am–4pm on Sunday of the Gala weekend.  Prizes will be awarded during the Community Songs of Praise Service at 4pm.
10.  Refreshments will be served both days
   Any enquiries - please contact…..Mobile - 07516 488377 or 07827 324028.