Thursday, 26 March 2015


Spring is springing!

Another year and we are still here and unfortunately growing.  Austerity is the buzz word used in the press and certainly coming up to election time we will be hearing more about it, however you dress it up or call it different names, since 2009 some people on hard times have not all seen an improvement in their lifestyles or daily living expenses. Hence we are still here and providing a very needed service as now Derbyshire’s biggest provider of emergency food. Of course we couldn’t have done it without your support as volunteers/donors, let’s hope 2015 proves to be a turning point in peoples lives.

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Word from our Coordinator

What Would Jesus Do? The above phrase does, I must confess, make me cringe somewhat when
I hear it quoted. It's cheesy. Unfortunately cheesy doesn't mean untrue, so while I may cringe at the sound of it I should always check myself against it; something I did just before the Foodbank first opened it's doors in June 2013.

What would Jesus do? Four words in a question that seem so simple to answer in this context. Unfortunately it's that simplicity that often misleads us. We all know what He would do, he'd
feed the hungry. He would listen, he would help, he would offer comfort and warmth in his presence. In the Foodbank we try to do those things but every so often I wonder,

'Are we going far enough?''. There are two answers to that question: yes and no. The former is easy
to answer - we are feeding those who are hungry, there is an incredible army of volunteers and donors in and around Chesterfield who give sacrificially of their time and money to support those in crisis in their community. However, perhaps the latter is somewhat more difficult to address. I think there are some questions we can ask to help us answer that question:
What needs does our community have?

What provision is already in place?

What provision is lacking?

How can we support what is already going on?

What can we practically and realistically seek to establish in order to meet the needs of the vulnerable in Chesterfield?  I hope you don't misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that the Foodbank needs to run all these things. I am, however, saying that from this vantage point it is much easier for us to see the bigger picture than it is for many other frontline services. This puts us in a unique position as the Foodbank; one which I am praying into. Please pray that our prominence will grow in order to effect and support other services and for wisdom in making decisions about the future.

In Christ, Ben

Fire at The Gates
Great! We are back in The Gates after having the fire damage rectified and an insurance payment to replace the foodstuffs lost through the smoke damage.


The third food distribution centre has been running now for a few weeks and serving customers in that area. Many thanks to the volunteers who have got this up and running.

Going the extra mile

We continue to find homes for various items of furniture, white goods, baby stuff, etc. Because we don’t have warehouse space we pass the information on and see the gifts finding new homes.

Join the club!

Will you give £5 a month to enable Chesterfield Foodbank? We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. The continual stream of food coming into our warehouse is a humbling sight to behold. Unfortunately for a project like this to continue to support the most vulnerable in our community financial support is now a pressing concern. Just £5 a month will support this greatly needed work and with many people around Chesterfield still geographically restricted your donations will reach out into the unreached places.
Here are just some of the ways in which your donations will help those most in need locally:
Seeding 'Emergency Food Boxes' for those in remote, deprived areas such as Mastin Moor.
Opening a fourth distribution centre to meet growing demand
Ensuring donations continue to be collected, especially at peak times like Easter, Harvest and Christmas

Maintaining a high quality service for the most vulnerable in Chesterfield and making sure that their most urgent needs are met.
If you are able to help then please contact Ben  or
on 07984 589456

with your postal address for a '200 club' leaflet. Thank you!