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Hi, I'm Tom Hardwick, 23, living in Chesterfield. My muscle-wasting disability called Duchenne muscular dystrophy means I'm wheelchair-bound and need a lot of help with the simplest of physical tasks. But with God, there are no limits. Though muscles in my body waste away, in God's eyes I'm not wasted – The title of my autobiography and of this mission: "Not Wasted". 

So, I'm travelling to California, USA, this summer to take part in an internship with Joni and Friends, an organisation ‘dedicated to extending the love and message of Christ to people who are affected by disability around the world.’ Whilst in the States I will have the opportunity to work alongside families affected by disability, and to be a support and encouragement to them. I hope and pray the practical and educational experience will increase my confidence and understanding so that I can be a voice and support for disabled people back home.


 to cover my internship, specialised equipment, travel and medical expenses - for me and my carer. I hope churches and organisations in Derbyshire and beyond, will  support my fundraising through a personal donation, coffee morning, sponsored event or collection etc;  but more importantly, that you will all prayerfully join me on this journey of trusting in God's provision and living out His exciting plans for my life. 

In the coming months I'll be making my way around Derbyshire to share my story, my dreams and my heart for disabled people with you. My commitment to you would be to return again,  after my trip, to share with you what God has been doing and offer practical support and advice where needed. 

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I'll also be posting links to my blog and adding video footage of talks and testimonies
and please look out for my book,
"Not Wasted",
available soon in Kindle format.

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Every blessing, Tom