Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Re: The Boys’ Brigade in Chesterfield

Many thanks for allowing me to speak at your Churches together group on Thursday evening. As we discussed, the Boys Brigade has been operating in Storrs Road Methodist Church, Upper Moor Street, Brampton, Chesterfield, S40 3NR, for a number of years providing a detailed programme of activities for boys and young men aged between 5 and 18. Over the last couple of years, the group has reached out to around 20 boys and young men from the local community.

The Boys’ Brigade, or BB as more commonly known, is a uniformed Christian organisation committed to reaching out and engaging with children, young people and their families, especially those who may not normally come into contact with Church. The BB also now works with mixed gender groups depending on the needs of the Church.

A BB company is run by a Church whilst being supported by the wider ‘BB team’ to help run outreach for a local community. This support includes training, insurance, DBS disclosure checks, development support, local and national events and the benefits of being part of a wider network of children and young people.

Through the provided programme resources and wider BB network, BB groups offer adventure, physical, social and spiritual growth through fun, practical and physical activities whilst encouraging personal responsibility and teamwork. Integral to this is giving the children and young people opportunities to consider faith and a life committed to God.

During early 2014, the current BB Group Leader at Storrs Road Methodist Church felt that it was appropriate to retire from his role, along with his wife who also gave up many dedicated hours to the BB group. This was a very difficult decision for them both having served over 50 years each in the organisation. During this time, two other leaders, who gave up their time to work in the group felt that it was also time to “move on”, these decisions being made owing to increased work commitments.

 Throughout 2014, the retiring leaders promoted the opportunity for new leaders to get involved but unfortunately to date, we have been unsuccessful in our recruitment. Unfortunately, there are no people within the Storrs Road Methodist Church congregation that feel that they are able to lead the group.  We believe that this has therefore left both the BB and the Church with two options, these are:

·       Close the group.

·       Make one last concentrated effort to find a new leadership team that will continue to deliver the good work of the BB group in the Brampton community and who are Christians committed to sharing the values of the BB.    

I am therefore writing to you to ask if you would kindly relay this letter to members of your wider Churches together group in the hope that there may be Christians within Chesterfield who may feel that God is leading them to ministry with Children and Young People and who may be waiting for a new opportunity. Alternatively, perhaps a local Church may be interested in partnering with Storrs Road Methodist Church in delivering the BB group?

Both the Boys’ Brigade and Leadership of Storrs Road Methodist Church are committed to ensuring that whichever decision is made on the future of this group, it is done with the belief that we have tried our very best to continue the provision for local young people, and that it is done by God’s will, and not ours.

 Many thanks for your kind support on this matter.    

Yours sincerely

 John Myers

 John Myers

Development Worker

The Boys’ Brigade

Tel: 07930 859008