Friday, 25 July 2014


Matt Barlow, Chief Executive: Christians Against Poverty UK

“I believe Redeeming Our Communities play such a valuable role inspiring the church to play its part in changing society and helping to connect these churches with organisations and institutions that can help make them truly effective. The impact that ROC initiatives have on a local level reverberate on a national scale, delivering real change to the people who need it the most. CAP is delighted to be working so closely with ROC in serving communities across the UK.”

 George Almond CBE, DL., former High Sheriff of Greater Manchester

“I recently visited two ROC Centres and was deeply impressed with the level of motivation and commitment displayed by the staff, volunteers and supporters, all of whom are working extremely hard to improve the quality of life in their local communities by providing a wide range of opportunities for people and in doing so, they were obviously enjoying themselves and benefitting from the many friendships they have made.”