Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Could you be a host for 

Britain's Best Breakfast October 17-19th 2014

and support those who are carers?

Derbyshire Carers Association (West Bars, Chesterfield) are joining with Carer's Trust looking for individuals, churches, clubs and organisations that would host a breakfast to raise much needed funds for carers.

"Imagine a husband caring for his wife who has terminal cancer, he is a carer, or a mother caring for her child who has cerebral palsy, she is also a carer.  In fact there are 7 million carers in the UK, including 700,000 young carers under the age of 18.

Carers Trust is the UK’s largest charity supporting unpaid carers caring for
a family member or friend who is sick or disabled and unable to care for themself.  Anyone could become a carer at any point in fact 3 in 5 of us will be  carers at some point in our lives.

We want to raise the profile of these unsung heroes and help them to get the emotional and practical support they so desperately need.

Many carers are near breaking point – physically, financially and emotionally and without us they would simply be unable to carry on caring. However, we cannot continue to support carers without your help so we are asking you to dish it up for carers this October and raise money for Britain’s Best Breakfast."

Get involved or find out more by following this link:

Could offer support through a counselling session for a carer, giving them the chance to voice their concerns and gain reassurance.
Could give a young carer a fewcarefree hours by giving them the opportunity
to take part in a range of activities from artsand crafts to sport.
Could go towards providing specialist support and training. This can help ensure carers services are tailored to meet the needs of those looking after someone with dementia for example.
Could give a sense of belonging and reassurance by helping to provide online
discussion forums.
Could provide a carer with specialist play equipment for a child with disabilities.
Could help a very desperate carer in need of urgent help – by contributing to a carers emergency service where swift, practical support is given in a crisis.
Could pay for a washing machine fora carer - a vital piece of equipment for a carer.
Could provide a weekend activity holiday for 10 young carers giving them a break from caring and a chance to be a child.