Thursday, 3 July 2014


                         BOOK AID
(reg charity 1039484)

Rodney Ward, retired URC minister, has been taken on as representative in Chesterfield for
who are happy to take in good quality second-hand Christian books (except hymnbooks and NEB bibles), plus Ladybird Books, whether religious or secular
and get them to appreciative readers overseas.

What Rodney will do is receive your offerings at his home (21 Smithfield Avenue, Hasland S41 0PR, tel 239258) and take them to the regional collection point which is a bookshop on Great North Road, Ranskill, Retford,DN22 8NL(01777 817101)

Or you can take the books to that address yourself.

Some of us have hoarded books for some time, kidding ourselves that we will read them again one day (or get round to reading them for the first time). Meanwhile, avid readers elsewhere would love to get one of them (or more).

(They do not want school text books, secular books, out of date bible reading notes or Sunday School material, or magazines)

Is this something where we can help ourselves and others at the same time?
Give Rodney a ring, get up in the loft, fetch down a basket or boxful, and away you go……..