Wednesday, 28 May 2014


CTfC Neighbourhood Prayer Meeting
Join us on Wednesday July 2nd
at The Parish Church
of St Michael
Prayers for Brimington
will be led by
Rev Daniel Cook


"Chaplains are missionaries, the human face of Christ, the church that has left the building...
We can all be involved in chaplaincy."

Rev. Martyn Atkins – General Secretary Methodist Church in Britain

Did you think just like me that to be a chaplain that you had to be a minister?  Not so, read on to find out a little about the roles of a chaplain and maybe you'll be surprised!

  • Chaplains are people who are appointed by the Church to work in all kinds of places outside the normal life of the congregation. There are chaplains in hospitals, workplaces, prisons, the armed forces, shopping centres, rural areas, colleges, universities and schools to name but a few. In all these places chaplains try to show God’s love through offering care and support, and by representing Christian values and beliefs.
 What kind of people are chaplains?
  • Most are volunteers - ordained ministers working full time as chaplains are very much in the minority. A Chaplain could be a visitor at the hospital, part of a team who talk to the staff in the shopping centre or some-one who meets with students and staff at the local College.
What Makes a Good Chaplain?
  • Chaplains are pastors: they need to be able to listen with care and attention and seek to be available to those in need.
  • Chaplains are interpreters: they try to understand what God is doing in a particular place and to help the people there to understand God.
  • Chaplains are ambassadors: they represent the Church, and they also report back to the Church about the new insights they have gained.
  • Chaplains are prayers: they pray for the places where they work and when it is appropriate they pray with the people who are there sometimes creating new forms of worship for their context.
  • Chaplains are midwives: enabling the birth of awareness of God in the place where they serve.
  • Chaplains are guests in the institutions they serve, but often work by acting as hosts crossing bridges to provide hospitality and welcome to others.
Chaplains make a difference

So what do I do? Well it’s less a matter of ‘doing’ and more a matter of ‘being’. Just being there in the ups and downs of life [Prison Chaplain]

At a time when fewer people have any kind of meaningful contact with a church it’s a wonderful opportunity to affirm the presence of God in the world and his concern for every aspect of human life. [Retail Chaplain]

The work continues to ensure on behalf of the Church, that all Young People know that Christians do care about them and certainly God does. [Youth Custody Centre Chaplain]

Being an army chaplain is a great privilege, to talk to young soldiers, who will tell you things that they would not normally talk to a minister about. [Army Chaplain]

Pairs of chaplains walk round the market and Shopping Centre every Thursday, offering a smile and encouragement. Retailers are now starting to trust and share in conversations with us. [Town Centre Chaplain]

For us, it is a privilege to ‘be there’ and alongside others in their need and openness to God. [University Chaplain]

Chaplaincy is not so much taking God to the front line, but rather disclosing his presence in the toughness of life and living [Police Chaplain]  

Would you like to find out more about being a chaplain here in Chesterfield? 

You are invited to hear Canon Paul Morris of Workplace Chaplaincy Derbyshire on Wednesday June 11th.  He will give a short talk and then be available for questions and to chat.  Two sessions are available 4 - 5.30pm and 6.30- 8pm. Refreshments will be supplied. 

Watch this space for confirmation of the venue or email to register your interest.

(Information above taken from article on Chaplaincy)





Wednesday, 21 May 2014


We have been contacted by a lovely Christian lady who currently lives in Clay Cross and works part-time in Chesterfield.  She urgently needs to move to Chesterfield to reduce her travelling costs and is looking for a room to let.  If anyone would like more information or is able to help please would you contact Dave Bunting at New Life Church 01246 200768.  Thank you.

Monday, 19 May 2014


Yes it's AGM time and we hope every church has received our invitation to send at least one representative - you can actually send as many people as you like!

Come and hear what we have been up to together and what is coming soon!

If you come at 7pm there will be time to look at the displays and chat before the meeting starts at 7.30pm. It's a time to celebrate the wonderful fellowship of Christians across our town.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Congratulations from everyone at CTfC!

Councillor Alexis Diouf became Chesterfield's 374th mayor at a ceremony at the Town Hall, Rose Hill today, Wednesday, 14th May.  Pictured here with the Mayoress, Mrs Vickey-Anne Diouf and his Chaplain Simon Robinson with his wife, Hazel.

From today's article in the Chesterfield Post...

Councillor Diouf has lived in Chesterfield since 1980, he was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa and was elected as Liberal Democrat councillor for Walton ward in 2003.

Born in 1955, he recently retired as social services manager in Derbyshire County Council's adult social services department. He has also worked as a social worker at Walton Hospital, for the United Nations in Mali and for the charity, World Vision in Senegal.

Councillor Diouf is a founder member of the Chesterfield African Caribbean Community Association and served on the YMCA board.

He was also chair of Christian Action in Chesterfield, which runs a winter night shelter until January this year.

Councillor Diouf said: "I am honoured to become Mayor of Chesterfield. I have lived in the borough for over 30 years and look upon it as my home, although Senegal will always be close to my heart.

"We are very much looking forward to meeting residents of the borough in the course of our Mayoral duties."

Councillor Diouf's wife, Vickey-Anne, will serve as Mayoress. Mrs Diouf was born in Chesterfield and works as a primary school teacher. Both are committed Christians, attending Walton Evangelical Church.

Mayor and Mrs Diouf will support three charities during their year of office:
  • The British Heart Foundation

  • Rooftop -
    a charity funding the Chesterfield Churches Action Winter Shelter

  • Friends of Baback in Chesterfield - a small charity sponsoring children from the primary school the mayor attended in Senegal. It also sends educational and medical equipment to village schools and dispensaries in Senegal.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Bank Holiday Monday 26th May

What is going on? 
 A fantastic, joyful, colourful procession right through the heart of Chesterfield

Who is it and why are they doing it?
We are Christians from more than 30 different churches all over Chesterfield joining together in celebration of the life-transforming God we all serve.  Jesus won us a great victory when he died on that cross and we want to celebrate the abundant life that he gives.

When does the procession take place?
We begin by gathering outside the Town Hall at 9.30 for a 9.45 start with a couple of worship songs led from the steps by our musicians.  The procession moves off about 10.00 for a circuit into town and then back to the Town Hall via Saltergate with a couple of songs to finish.

What will I see?
Some lorries and cars will be decorated carnival style to fit in with this year's sporting theme, showing different kinds of tableau.  Some of the walkers will also be dressed up, others will be sporting our theme colours - green and yellow.  Accompanied by music and maybe some freebies to give away it will be a fun family start to your holiday Monday.

What time will it finish? 
After the children sing our final song outside the Town Hall we expect it to be about 11.10 am.  If you pop into Rose Hill URC afterwards we will be serving refreshments and there should be face painting there too.

Is it too late for my church to get involved?
Of course not - just come and join in the fun!  We still need some helpers for the refreshments.  So if walking is not your thing but making a good brew is or if you would like more information contact us at:

Friday, 2 May 2014


After three energetic concerts over the weekend, Monday was a rest day for the children of the Watoto Choir spent relaxing with their host families in Chesterfield. But Tuesday is school day and where better to host them than at The Ragged School.  The sun is pouring through the windows which doesn't make for a terrific photo but here they are in the midst of their English comprehension exercise all working hard. 
As a former primary school teacher, it was fun to watch them learn their phonics using the same scheme as many of our local schools - with all the same actions - but rather more expertise at miming drumming for the 'd' sound.

 A flat tyre delayed their departure so the church also had to become a makeshift canteen for them to eat their packed lunches before they headed off to perform at a church in Lincoln that evening.