Sunday, 15 December 2013


Wouldn't it be good if someone put on a Christmas Lunch for the homeless and needy of Chesterfield?

Well she’s done it the last two years with great success and this year Mydudu Gaven has risen to the challenge once more planning to do it all again at Whittington Moor Methodist Church. But she will need your help.

Can you help in any of the following?
  • help to provide food
  • give financially towards the cost of the food
  • help to prepare food in advance
  • help to decorate the room
  • help with the cooking
  • help to serve food on the day
  • come and talk to people
  • help with the tidy up operation
If you can offer any of the above contact Mydudu on  or 0758 555 4976.

Thank you

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The Christmas Tree Festival doesn't open to the public until Friday - school visits only on Thursday. But here's a sneak preview of the School Pastor and Street Pastor trees that you can see amongst 34 other beautiful ones.  Well worth a visit and great for families to enjoy together.  Runs until Sunday evening but some of the trees will be staying up over the Christmas period.