Sunday, 13 October 2013


Were you there, when……..?

I quote Martin Gage, Regional Officer for Christian Aid: ‘If we meet in a Catholic church, with an anglican speaker, a Catholic musician, a Methodist organiser and an Independent Chair, we are getting something right.’.

That is how it was on Wednesday October 9th, when Christians Together met for business at 6.30, there was wine (and soft drinks)and cheese at 7.15, worship at 7.45, an address from Bishop Martin with Q&A at 8.15, concluding with ‘Thine be the Glory’, played on the Fr Willis organ.

Bishop Martin Njaboho is from Burundi, where he is very involved in aspects of development and reconciliation.  He had primary education in French (Burundi having been a Belgian colony, alongside Congo), speaks Kiyarwanda (the main vernacular), but addressed us in fluent, idiomatic English.

This was the second time that CTfC has collaborated with Christian Aid.  We heard earlier in the year of the IF campaign. 

So Christians Together is doing its best to cover ‘the total Christian enterprise’ in the borough.   Ideas as to how it can do even better will be welcomed before the next Enabling Group on November 27th.  In particular, will you help with launching School Pastors – a close relative of Street Pastors, but in the daytime and only for an hour or two at a time….? The present cohort of volunteers needs a little boost.

Paul King (secretary, CTfC) 01246 270936