Saturday, 6 July 2013


Been really blessed by the generosity of the people of Chesterfield today.  We've been collecting food donations for Chesterfield Food Bank at Tescos. Some handed over two great heavy bags of shopping that they had bought for the food bank.  Others apologised that their budget only really stretched to one tin but they gave it willingly. Some gave even though they were in need, on very low income and the desire to support those in our community who need help was wonderfully evident.  Most of these people don't know God but they are still made in his image and displaying his character.  I believe that what they have sowed today they will reap in blessing into their families and work situations.  God remains no mans debtor.

We won't know the final figures until later today but whatever weight in food we have collected Tesco will add another 30% of that weight in whatever foods we need most. The guesstimate at the moment is that we will have been given 1.5 tonnes of food to distribute to those who need it.