Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hi there

We thought it was time to share what has been happening since the start of the first two Trussell Trust Foodbanks here in Chesterfield. Many thanks to those of you who have signed up to be volunteers, those that have already given their time at one of the two venues and those who helped at the Tesco food collection. So, first of all we opened on Tuesday 25th June at The Gates with a surprise two clients on our first day whom we sent on their way with three days supplies of food.

The second foodbank opened on Friday 12th July with an immediate need of food by four clients. So far we have had fourteen client visits with food distributed to them and their families. Thanks to all the agencies involved who brought them. The collection over Friday 5th and 6th of July at Tesco supermarket, here in Chesterfield, brought in 1.5 tons of food which was delivered to one of our collection points before our warehouse was ready.


We are currently awaiting the vacation of the warehouse premises so that we can prepare it for the storage of our food supply. We are looking for volunteers to help clear the premises and make it ready to move the food in. Anyone with warehouse experience would be warmly welcomed and a working party formed to make it happen. Got a van?

Wedding bells

Congratulations to our volunteer coordinator Ben Martin who gets married this Saturday 20th July may he and his new wife be very blessed now and the future.


I know a few churches are thinking of making financial and food contributions this Harvest time, could you let us know who and when?

Volunteers Rota

We will be putting a rota together for the two distribution points and the warehouse starting September. Please could you mail us with your availability, Tuesdays at The Gates and Fridays at Loundsley Green Community Centre plus other days in the week when you could help out in the warehouse.

New Volunteers

There are some of you still waiting to take part in the volunteers training and those of you who have gone through training for whom we haven’t received your agreement forms. If you could let us know if you want to be a trained volunteer for the future we can add you to our list.

ASDA Collection

Saturday 3rd August we join the national Trussell Trust collection at Asda stores including our own here on Sheffield Road in Chesterfield. If you could spare a minimum of an hour between 10:00am and 3:00pm to hand out leaflets and receive the food donations we would appreciate it. Other volunteers for the Tesco collection found this a very moving and satisfactory experience.


Are you a Secretary/Notetaker or a future Volunteer Coordinator? These roles need filling. Contact: Cpt Tim Rourke - 01246 463523 -
Yvonne Birchmore - 01246 201416 -


ASDA collection Saturday 3rd August
Warehouse clearance in August
Tuesday & Fridays Food Distribution