Saturday, 29 June 2013


This coming Friday and Saturday, 5th & 6th July, Chesterfield Food Bank has the opportunity to make a food collection at Tesco in Chesterfield.

Volunteers will stand at the entrances to the store and give out shopping lists for items needed by the food bank.  People will be asked to consider buying one extra item from the list with their shopping and to pop it in our trolley on the way out.  All the food collected will be given to help people in crisis in Chesterfield.

Please would you consider if you could offer some time to help?  It doesn't matter if you are not completely up to speed with information about the food bank - there will always be someone there who can answer questions as they arise.

 The day has been divided into 90minute slots starting at 9.30am but any offers of help for any length of time would be greatly appreciated.  The last such collection yielded 1.8tons of food for Chesterfield food bank.

Contact Ben on

If you're out shopping and spot the team, please give them some encouragement!

Thank you.