Thursday, 9 May 2013


This is the question we posed to a few of our street pastors during our AGM last night. We know what they do but what motivates them to be out in all weathers and until the early hours if the morning. For one it was seeing the effect of long term alcohol abuse in the extended family that made him want to help young people putting themselves at risk. Our role is not tell people what they should or shouldn't do; each of us must make our own choices. He wanted to be out there to help make sure people stayed safe and were able to get home at the end of their night out. For another she felt it was a privilege to be able to serve people in this way. As she cared for someone either distressed or being extrememly ill she said she felt closer to Jesus than she had ever done anywhere else. She talked about a number of times when they had a sense that a vulnerable young woman was in danger and had intervened. It may well be that she would have been fine if left alone but we will never know whether that intervention actually saved a life or prevented an attack. For the third it was all about the people who regularly work in the night time economy of Chesterfield. Getting to know those who work in the shops and who work on the doors of the various clubs or for the taxi firms. Taking an interest in people and building relationships. Whatever the reason, we are grateful to our team of 33 volunteers and look forward to celebrating our second birthday this autumn. Keep up the good work Street Pastors!