Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Coming Soon - Chesterfield School Pastors!

School Pastors 
An initiative of Ascension Trust

I'm sure you have heard about the wonderful job Chesterfield Street Pastors do - well here's an idea that comes from the same stable and is proving to be just as great a success in other areas across the UK.

School Pastors exist in around 22 locations at the moment in the UK and each one is different because it's approach is  tailored to the needs of the individual schools they work with.  They may patrol outside the school at coming and going times during the day, travel on school buses, or be available at break times.  In some instances schools have been so pleased with the results that they have invited school pastors to support after school activities or take on a mentoring role.

Reassurance - school pastors provide a reassuring adult presence at times when children may be feeing vulnerable.  They have time to listen to what is worrying the children and maybe to help

Safety - working with the school they seek to help reduce incidences of anti-social behaviour by being where it is likely to happen

Support - school pastors offer support to the school community at the direction of the school.  They are there to care, listen and to help.

The exciting news is that here in Chesterfield we are in the early stages of setting up our own team of school pastors.  Recruits need to be over 18 and will be christians from local churches who come with the recommendation of a church leader who knows them well.  They will commit to 25 hours training and will need to have an enhanced CRB check. Obviously they will have a heart for working with young people and be available during the day.

This is a very exciting development and we will need your support and prayer to make it work.  If you would be interested in volunteering or if you would like to know more contact:

School Pastors Co-ordinator Chris Collard
07792 797278