Monday, 8 October 2012

Boys Brigade Need Your Help

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Adult Helpers Needed
The 2nd Chesterfield company of the Boys’ Brigade (BB) which meets at Storrs Road Methodist Church Centre wants to increase their outreach to children and young people in the community by a recruiting drive in line with the +10% initiative of the brigade nationally.

To do this, the company is asking Churches in our circuit to circulate members, adherents and their circle of friends to locate any adults who may wish to get involved in the vibrant and enthusiastic team reaching out to children.  The BB caters for Boys and Girls from 6 year-olds (Y2) right through to 18 year-olds (Y13) in its various sections.

What would you be letting yourself in for, you may ask.  Briefly in the form of a Job Description is what would be expected:-

Skills                 Able to communicate with young people and be interested in them.

Attributes       Enthusiastic and willing to attend the regular Monday BB night in term time 1 hour (6 to 7 pm) or 1½ hours (6.30 to 8pm).  Regular attendance allows youngsters to get to know staff and trust them and the other members of the staff to be confident that there will be enough adults during the evening.

Training         All staff are asked to attend a Child Protection session and Youth Leader Training is available in addition for those who wish to become a registered officer.  All training is free; all we need is your time.

Safeguarding  An enhanced CRB (which is also free) is required to be undertaken via BB Headquarters for all who work with BB children.

Contact             John Cowie for further information or to apply; 
(  01246 – 274021 ) 07798 – 900123  8

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