Monday, 17 September 2012

Sat 6th October One Act Play 'One of That Despised People'

On Saturday 6th October at 14:30 Chesterfield Quaker Meeting will be hosting a performance of a one act play 'One of That Despised People' which will be performed by the Quaker Theatre Company. There is no admission fee, but there will be a retiring collection.
The play examines the depth of faith in a future world which is not only suspicious of all churches but views them with open hostility.
Writer and performer Alan Avery says that the play challenges all people of faith, not just Quakers. In an increasingly sceptical age, how far would we be prepared to suffer, both mentally and physically to stand up for what we believe or would the pressures the state can put on individuals make us retreat into compromise and denial. The play is not suitable for anyone under sixteen.
Further details are available from Teresa Holland at Chesterfield Meeting 01246 856802 or Alan Avery Quaker Theatre Company 01751 474043