Sunday, 18 March 2012

Chesterfield Street Pastors Report 
18th March 2012

Statistical Information
One teams of 5 from 10pm to 2.30am.

4 pairs of Flip Flops given out.
0 bottles of water given out.
27 bottles/glasses picked up.
0 first aid dealt with.
2 situation calmed down.
0 space blankets given out.
16 significant conversations.
2 responses to calls from Community Safety officer

Narrative Information
It was a very wet night raining all the time we were out. This meant that we had a fairly quiet night with many people dashing from bar to bar.

However, we still had some good conversations and lots of good feed back including one man who praised us because his girl friend had been given a pair of flip flops from a previous night.

One you girl had just lost her grand mother and wanted to know if she was in heaven. She was upset and we were able to calm her and offer some comfort.

One lady we talked to was living in Turkey but was so impressed with what we do she promised to pray for use when she goes back there.

There was some trouble around town and on one occasion was witnessed by a street pastor who helped with others to calm the situation down. This was between a punter and Door staff the Street Pastor in question reported what was seen to the police when they arrived.

And that is about it; decided to retire early as the town centre was very quiet and by then we were well and truly soaked to the skin!