Saturday, 21 January 2012

CSP Report - 21st January 2012

Chesterfield Street Pastors
Report for Saturday 21st January 2012


Street Pastors get extra help!

One team of 4 went out to what was on the main a quiet night which was hampered by a cold biting wind. 2 Prayer Pastors where on duty for the first half of the night. There seemed to be more men out than women and there was some trouble. However, we were well received by people.

Statistical Information
    7 Flip-flops issued
    4 Bottles of water issued
    35 Significant conversations
    2 Situations calmed down
    26 Bottled collected and made safe.
    1 Prayer request
    1 First aid
    4 Requests from door staff and pub watch.

Narrative Information
There were very few incident we had to attend, this gave us chance to talk more with people as can be seen from the number of conversations counted above. These were all positive and we had a good number of young people thanking us and showing there appreciation.

We came across a young lady who was in some distress. She had fallen out with her boyfriend and had gone over on her ankle which was very swollen. We were able to give first aid and sympathy which calmed her down. Her boyfriend was round the corner so one of our team talked to him and by the time we had put a supporting bandage on her, they were back together with the lady much calmed down. We left them to go off to the next pub together in better spirits than when we first met them.

The calls from the pub watch and door staff were mainly for flip-flops, but one was for a man who had been punched in the face. He, however, only had a thick lip and found the incident to be amusing. We did not have to give any first aid to him.

A situation was developing outside a food outlet where a group of men were getting agitated and arguing. However the team engaged with them and no sooner that we spoke that the whole thing just dissipated and nothing came of it.

We met a young lady we have spoken to before who has much on her mind that troubles her. Two of the women in the team spoke at length with her. She seemed to be in inner turmoil and was very grateful for the time we spent with her. We promised to pray for her which she much appreciated..

One of our team entered into an interesting conversation with an older gentleman who said he was a catholic. They talk about spiritual matter but where interrupted but the arrival of is bus home.

Overall we agreed we had had a good if quiet night and had blessed those we met. Due to how quiet it was we finished early at about 2:30am