Friday, 27 January 2012

Street Pastors Help Reduce Violent Crime

We have been made aware that the incidence of violent crime in the town centre over the Christmas period revealed a reduction of approximately 50% over Christmas 2010. Whilst there will have been other contributory factors such as the economy, the police and ambulance operation etc, we are credited with making a substantial contribution to this reduction.
Well done!
Other than the month of November, each month when we have been operating also revealed a similar drop in violent crime over the previous year. We think that November may be an exception because of the snow that we experienced during November 2010 keeping people off the street.
One quote was "You bring a calming influence on the streets"
Lets pray that our successes continue.
John Bown

Saturday, 21 January 2012

CSP Report - 21st January 2012

Chesterfield Street Pastors
Report for Saturday 21st January 2012


Street Pastors get extra help!

One team of 4 went out to what was on the main a quiet night which was hampered by a cold biting wind. 2 Prayer Pastors where on duty for the first half of the night. There seemed to be more men out than women and there was some trouble. However, we were well received by people.

Statistical Information
    7 Flip-flops issued
    4 Bottles of water issued
    35 Significant conversations
    2 Situations calmed down
    26 Bottled collected and made safe.
    1 Prayer request
    1 First aid
    4 Requests from door staff and pub watch.

Narrative Information
There were very few incident we had to attend, this gave us chance to talk more with people as can be seen from the number of conversations counted above. These were all positive and we had a good number of young people thanking us and showing there appreciation.

We came across a young lady who was in some distress. She had fallen out with her boyfriend and had gone over on her ankle which was very swollen. We were able to give first aid and sympathy which calmed her down. Her boyfriend was round the corner so one of our team talked to him and by the time we had put a supporting bandage on her, they were back together with the lady much calmed down. We left them to go off to the next pub together in better spirits than when we first met them.

The calls from the pub watch and door staff were mainly for flip-flops, but one was for a man who had been punched in the face. He, however, only had a thick lip and found the incident to be amusing. We did not have to give any first aid to him.

A situation was developing outside a food outlet where a group of men were getting agitated and arguing. However the team engaged with them and no sooner that we spoke that the whole thing just dissipated and nothing came of it.

We met a young lady we have spoken to before who has much on her mind that troubles her. Two of the women in the team spoke at length with her. She seemed to be in inner turmoil and was very grateful for the time we spent with her. We promised to pray for her which she much appreciated..

One of our team entered into an interesting conversation with an older gentleman who said he was a catholic. They talk about spiritual matter but where interrupted but the arrival of is bus home.

Overall we agreed we had had a good if quiet night and had blessed those we met. Due to how quiet it was we finished early at about 2:30am

Saturday, 14 January 2012

CSP Report - 14th January 2012

Chesterfield Street Pastors Report
Saturday 14th January 2012

2 groups of 3 street pastors patrolled from 10pm to 2.30am
6 prayer pastors remained at base until we left after our break.

Statistical information
7 pairs of flip-flops were given out
5 bottles of water issued
29 Bottles picked up and made safe.
0 Space blankets
14 significant conversations
no calls from CCTV/Police were had throughout the night.
no first aid requests

No fights were witnessed

As is evident from the statistics above, we had again experienced a quite night,  Some of the clubs, bars and a couple of fast food outlets have recently closed, after midnight this concentrated the folk out and police presence mainly onto Corporation Street and Stevenson place,

No fights were witnessed and as a concequence there was no need for any first aid to be given.

Both teams had conversations with a few regular folk that we meet each week and who are clearly getting to know us, We made a point of going into the Winding Wheel to find out about the function they had on that evening and always try to be around when the group are leaving, we are always welcomed and grateful for a few minutes to warm up just a little

We also make a point of regularly patrolling through the church yard of the Crooked Spire, We have on previous occasion met up with some vulnerable individuals here, We came across a few late Christmas party goers, A group from Ilkeston, one young man was observed struggling to fasten his coat and a young girl with them having difficulty walking, simple practical help of fastening a coat and steadying the young girl  brought about a conversation that is always a privilege to be a part of , hopefully any act of kindness will contribute to a calmer atmosphere and a feeling around town of our young people being valued.

One group of Street Pastors came across a young man who wanted to talk, he felt his gambling problem was becoming out of control and the debt he had was mounting up; one of the Pastors was able to direct him to someone who would be able to support him.

We came across a young man being very sick out of the window of a stationary car - his mum had been called to collect him. We gave him some water and helped clean him up a little before giving out a sick bag for the journey home to his thankful mum.

Both teams received numerous expressions of thanks for the work that Street Pastors undertake week by week. Hugs, photos and handshakes are regular requests

We returned to our base (Grace Chapel) to pray, for those we had met, those still out in the town, It had been a cold night (-3C recorded on mobile phone) .