Friday, 2 December 2011


Derbyshire Times - 2 December 2011

DRINKERS will be urged to ‘gauge their behaviour’ while out celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Derbyshire County Council is working in partnership with Derbyshire police, Crimestoppers and community safety partnerships on the new ‘Gauge your behaviour’ campaign.

It will focus on reducing alcohol-related violent crime, other alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour by encouraging drinkers to consider how their behaviour changes when they drink to excess.

The campaign, funded by the county council and police, will target town centres with a high visibility around licensed premises with messages on bar staff T-shirts, bus adverts, posters and local radio.

Campaign material features a gauge which points from ‘sober’ to ‘tipsy’, ‘violent’ and ‘victim’ and asks the question: “Where will drinking put you?”. It also includes the Crimestoppers number for people to report alcohol-related incidents.

Derbyshire County Council cabinet member for Public Health Cllr Carol Hart said: “We want everyone to have a great time when they’re out and about in our town centres this Christmas and New Year but excessive drinking by some can spoil it for others.

“This campaign will encourage people to think about their behaviour and be aware of how many drinks are enough for them and by working with the police and other partner organisations we aim to tackle all kinds of alcohol-related crime.”

‘Gauge Your Behaviour’ will run in Chesterfield every Friday and Saturday night through December.

Multi-agency teams will be out talking to people about how to stay safe while having a good night out and encouraging them to report any information about alcohol-related violence to Crimestoppers. This will be supported by police officers, community support officers and specials as well as staff from other partner agencies and Street Pastors. The campaign will also be running in Belper, Buxton, Heanor, Ilkeston, Long Eaton and Swadlincote.

Police lead for alcohol-related crime Supt Gary Parkin said: “This is a real partnership effort. Licensed premises are key to ensuring the high visibility of this campaign and we’re particularly pleased with the response we’ve got from licensees will play an important part in helping us deliver it.

“The vast majority of licensed premises are well run and responsible and the support from the various PubWatch schemes across the county has been great. They want to work with us to ensure everyone has a safe night out”.

Chair of the Derbyshire Crimestoppers Board Ashok Kalia added: “The main aim of this campaign is to stop alcohol-related violence happening in the first place, but if it does occur we want to make sure that the offenders are brought to justice.

“Crimestoppers offers an anonymous route which anyone not wishing to report information directly to the police can use.”