Saturday, 17 December 2011

CSP Report - 17th December 2011

Chesterfield Street Pastors 
Report for Saturday 17th December 2011

Outline Information
Two groups of three patrolled from 10pm until 3.45am supported by three Prayer Pastors .We had a good productive night we felt, with a party atmosphere, with little real aggression as far as we were concerned. We were able to help with several situations with good outcomes and had some positive conversations and positive feedback about our work. Staff in the fast food outlets, taxi offices and the door staff were all pleased to see us and chat when things were not too hectic.

Statistical Information
4 pairs of flip-flops given out
5 bottles of water given out
65 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
1 space blanket provided
1 first aid call
50 significant conversations

Narrative Information
Although there was a large number of people out on the street, the large majority were friendly, jolly and well behaved. There were a couple of skirmishes in the second half of the night, which were dealt with promptly by uniform nearby. There was quite a large uniform presence as well as the triage area for first aid. The atmosphere was festive with some interesting looking elves, pixies, a banana man, various Santas ( Mr’s and Mrs’ )and one strange character: duck like but, unsure just who he was supposed to be! ( nor were we!)

We dealt with several people, mostly young men, who were worse for wear, cleaning them up, giving water and making sure they had someone to see them home safely. We had several calls from cctv, asking for assistance. Team two waited with one 19 year old who was very drunk, giving him the usual treatment to make him more comfortable and contacting his parents who eventually arrived from  Alfreton to take him home. They were very grateful for our care for their son. Several similar calls came to us throughout the shift to both teams, some of which were resolved quickly when mates arrived to take over from us.

CCTV called us to a lad being ill outside Manzil restaurant, ticket tout was talking to him when we arrived and after a short period of trying to get him a cab his mates took over.

A Woman  whom we had met on the streets after training was given a warm pasty in Greggs as she was hungry.

Escorted a drunk female and friend to Donut car park to await family lift. Door staff at The Courtyard invited them into a warmer environment until the lift arrived.

Middle-aged woman had asthmatic attack in Club next to The Beach, uniform provided inhaler after informing CCTV we weren’t allowed to give medicine. Paul our St John Ambulance volunteer attended. We then escorted her and female friend to A-Line taxis where staff helped her into a cab.

Paul asked by friend on the street if he could rid her of moles with his ferret! Perhaps a little sideline?
Escorted elderly couple to taxi rank. Looked after people exiting the Winding Wheel and had conversations on what we were doing whilst they waited for lifts. Young lady helped into a cab after altercation with Cab Rank Manager. Cleared a quantity of dropped food from doorway of takeaway which was becoming lethal.
Two occasions escorted single women from churchyard who had got split from friends, men volunteer to look after them but refused as the women didn’t know them.

Witnessed three guys sniffing substance in alley way, no uniform present so had to leave reporting till later.
Observed couple having an aggressive altercation down alley, waited until we realised it was safe to leave them.


We met back at base to de brief and pray, for those we had met, those still out in the town, and not least the hard working but cheerful professionals still working. Although it had been a bitterly cold night (-3C recorded on smart phone  at one point) we felt that once again we were blessed to be in this role and returned home cold, but happy!