Friday, 30 December 2011

CSP Report 30th December 2011

Chesterfield Street Pastors
Report for Friday 30th December 2011

On this the third and final Friday night patrol initiated for the Christmas and New Year period, one group of 4 Street Pastors patrolled from 10pm to 1.45am. They were supported by 5 Prayer Pastors at the base.

We were surprised that despite the expectations of increased demand, it was extremely quiet on the streets of the Late Night Entertainment area of Chesterfield.

Statistical Information
12 bottles collected and made safe
84 significant conversations

Narrative Information
There were fewer people out on Friday than any of us had ever seen (or not!) and to say it was quiet was an understatement. Probably a combination of people partying before Christmas and having no money, preparing to go out on Saturday, or put off as they feared the bad weather earlier in the day would continue. There were however a few small groups who were more mature and had 'been allowed out' and chosen to go out on the Friday as they knew it would be quieter, who were clearly having a really good time. The tone of the evening was that people who were out were good natured and determined to enjoy themselves and most people didn’t look as though they had been drinking heavily (with a few exceptions).

The circumstances meant that we had more time to talk to people and we had far more lengthy and significant conversations than would have been possible on a normal Saturday night.. It was good to have really had an opportunity to talk to lots of the door staff who are normally too busy to chat for more than a couple of minutes. We even managed to have a dance with some people. Every bar and club said they had hardly anyone in, many closed quite a few hours earlier than normal. We helped one young man who was sick, but he recovered very well and met us eating a take-away half an hour later.

We had no calls for assistance.

The Street Pastors finished at 01.45 as there were hardly any people out and about on the street by then. People had either gone into the few clubs that were open or gone home.